Mental Health Month

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month?

Mental health awareness aims to stop the stigma that exists around mental health. Due to factors such as culture, religion, or social stigmas, many individuals are usually silent when they need help from mental health professionals. Failure to express their needs and get the necessary attention can cause the symptoms they are suffering to worsen and lead to the appearance of disorders or mental health conditions. For this reason, we must be aware that mental health is as important as physical health, and that it is necessary to have a balance between both and the environment in order to feel in balance and control.

Have you ever heard the phrase, therapy? I’m not crazy! Surely yes, this is due to the stigma that has been created and the false image that only people with serious psychological disorders should seek help. In the United States, one in five adults have a mental illness or mental health condition, this represents about 52 million people. For these reasons, we cannot talk about health and well-being without including mental health.

Having mental health care benefits our lifestyle, and allows us to enjoy every moment and perceive the world around us. As functional and active beings, sometimes we get lost in the day-to-day, and forget about ourselves and our well-being, we do not become aware of the importance of taking care of our body, our emotions, and our mind, until we realize that we are in a situation of emotional dysregulation from which it is difficult for us to get out without help. Mental health awareness is an important social movement to improve understanding and increase access to health care and wellness.