Navigating Difficult Relationships During The Holidays

Holiday Stress:

The holidays are approaching, and it is time to meet with family on these special dates, where there is music, food, and gifts. Of course, with this comes stress and anxiety since we want everything to go perfectly. But we occasionally forget that the most common stressor is having to deal with some relationships that aren’t relatively very healthy. These relationships can be with couples, friends, and even with family. We don’t always have a good relationship with family members, but that doesn’t mean we should turn the holidays into a pitched battle. Learning to navigate these difficult relationships during the holidays will make the holidays healthier and more transparent, achieving our peace of mind. We can learn some techniques to cope with these situations, but more importantly, to improve the relationship with family members.

Understanding that we can’t change people and that no one is perfect is an excellent way to start healing our minds and relationships. Communication and setting healthy boundaries are essential parts, but that moment is not to criticize or argue; it is to come to agreements that benefit both parties and, above all, with respect. Another way to improve the situation is not only to observe the negative of the person. We must focus on the qualities that will help us change our attitude. Before we think we want all the holidays to go well, we need to think about our mental health. Having resentments or conflicts with other people is a situation that can drain the parties involved. These are situations that cause stress and anxiety and can even distance us from people who love us.

Strengthening relationships this holiday season will build unforgettable memories!