Who is Cinthia?

A person full of virtues and defects, who, as a human being has had my struggles in life. An individual who has learned to use lived experiences as an opportunity to strengthen and push myself to become a better person every day and continue to do so. Throughout life, I have always considered myself a helpful person. I genuinely care for others and their needs. I like to inspire and embrace individuals to a path of growth and better quality of life despite the circumstances they have found themselves in. I believe that every human being has the power to develop their maximum potential when surround by individuals you can emulate and drives you to it. I rejoice every satisfactory progress of the individual working with including clients and colleagues, as I am very passionate about supporting others through empowerment.  

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in health science as Speech and Language Therapist at Ana G. Menedez University in Puerto Rico. I had the opportunity to work with children from 0-21 years old, providing individual and group interventions under the Department of Education and Department of Health, as well advocating families on speech disorders measures. As I mentioned before I am very passionate on helping others and impacting lives, for that reason I decided to enter the Social Work field, where I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Clinical Social Worker (intern) at Ana G. Mendez University in Tampa.  

On a side note, I am a very family-oriented person, I love spending time with my family (husband, daughters, grandson). I also believe that there is a different quality of time you can spend in life. A time with family, time with your spouse, partner/domestic partner, and a time with yourself where you learn, accept, and love you for who you are with strengths and weakness, that makes everyone unique and special..