A Positive Divorce Resolution

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An approved 4-hour Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course for parents who are divorcing, separating, returning to court for modifications, or for anyone interested in learning more effective relationship skills. In most states, this is a statutory requirement for parents in a court action. PDR is a Florida Department of Children and Family Services approved Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course and satisfies the requirements for parent education in Florida according to Section 61.21 Florida Statutes and the curriculum standards of the Florida Department of Children and Families. This course will satisfy the educational requirements of all states.

It is recommended for individuals who have to take this class as a legal requirement, to register as soon as possible.

2024 Positive Divorce Resolution


-Parent conflict reduction
-Family communication strategies
-Better understanding of the impact of a divorce / separation in the life of your child/children
-Strategies to help your child/children during the transition of divorce / separation
-Strategies for creating a safe environment for your child/children
-Strategies to not involve your child/children in difficult allegations
-Strategies to help your child/children reduce the chances of emotional problems
-Strategies for more productive mediation
-Strategies to reduce the likelihood of having to return to court

Please bring a photo ID with you the day of class.

It is very important you arrive to class 10 minutes early. Individuals who come to class late, cannot attend class and run the risk of not having a refund.

NOTE: To be able to participate in the class, registration is required two days in advance.