Welcome to Innerglow!


I am sure the decision to begin the journey of engaging in counseling was not an easy one but, here you are! I am excited for the opportunity to partner with you as you start this courageous journey of seeking help and pursuing a better version of yourself. Being someone who has seen first-hand the life changing impacts of participating in therapy, I am eager for the opportunity to assist you with achieving your set goals while in counseling.  

Engaging in counseling will often challenge you to share vulnerable parts of your life and story. As your clinician, I want you to be encouraged to know that my role is to create a safe space. Our time together will be an opportunity for us to work together towards your goals for therapy. Therapy is work but just know, you will not be working through it alone! I will be here with you to provide support, guidance, and more importantly an attentive ear. This is your journey, and I will be here to walk with you through it.  

I am looking forward to meeting you and starting this process! Sometimes the biggest hurdle to change is to simply start.