I am so glad you are here, this means you are ready to seek changes in your life. Seeking therapy is a big step, and I am delighted to start this process with you.

Here is my promise to you

I will not judge you

I will be genuine

I will be sensitive to your needs

I will share with you my knowledge

I will provide you with resources, if need be

I will meet you were you currently are in your life journey

I will encourage you, motivate you, support you & cheer for you

I will not rush your process, but will hold you accountable

I will be the happiest person when I see you unlock your potential!

Just remember my job is to facilitate the process, to give you a space to try out new ways of being, thinking, and feeling. I can help you gain understanding, coping skills and clarity to accomplish your goals. Yet, therapy is not like a magic wand that is wave and it erases all issues. It takes dedication and effort. Ultimately, only you can claim your powers to heal your wounds and to step into the fulfilling life you deserve.

Before I close this welcome message, I want to leave you with this thought, regardless of how chaotic life can be, you always have the option to smile and the option not to give up. I know you are up for the challenge of making things the best they can be, and I will be right here with you every step of the way.