Who is Jasmine?

A therapist that enjoys working with teen girls and women from diverse populations whom are going through emotional and mental stressors. Life challenges can make living life hard, and having an empathetic, compassionate, and supportive professional walking this journey with you, can make navigating through these life struggles, so much easier. I know therapy can be scary. But it can also be an amazing journey in which you can gain new knowledge, along with tools to help you deal with, excessive worrying, difficulties expressing, feelings of loneliness, sadness, lack of confidence, painful relationships, shame, hopelessness.   

I graduated from St. Leo University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and continued my education at Walden University where I completed my Master’s in Social Work, and soon after became Provisionally Licensed as a Clinical Social Work (registered Intern).I have work in the social field for many years, and have enjoy every single role I played. My love for helping others has been my driving force in life, I believe everyone is worthy of living a life that feels good to them, and I am committed to supporting those seeking support. 

I was born in Massachusetts and moved to Florida as a teenager. I enjoy the outdoors traveling and spending time with my Husband and 2 children.