Who is Rosmer?

A person just like you, whom is passionate about helping women find balance by giving them hope, and a new perspective to what life can be. I, like you, have struggled with many issues of my own, starting in my adolescence, to my own role as a parent. These issues were my motives to want to help those in need of guidance and support.  I believe that each woman has had many diverse experiences in her life, which makes her a unique person, and unique people Rock!!, They are my kind of people!! Better yet, I love to support and empower women, by guiding them, cheering them up, and holding them accountable for creating the life that feels just right for them.

I consider myself to be beyond unique. The experiences I have had in my life have brought me to a place of joy, yet not until I opened my mind was I able to see it this way.

I can help you open your mind so you can see the greatness within you and learn to live with your past, which I believe is like our shadow. What does this mean? That we only see our shadows when we are under the light. So, we can live with our past, and still be Joyful! Our state of mind is crucial to finding this joy that we all seek, and are worth of experiencing. 

I graduated from The University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and the University of Central Florida with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work. I am also a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Health and Wellness Coach, an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and Clinician, and a Registered Yoga teacher. Many of my years I have focused my work on helping women deal with multiple emotional, mental health, and adjustments issues. The approach I use, is an eclectic approach which allows me to meet my client’s specifics needs. My main goal is to help the women I work with find their voice, get unstuck, and connect to their true self so they can take control, become the author of their own happy stories, and allow their light to glow without limits. 

Important facts about me

I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life.

I am honest, a student of life and my number one priority is to live my truth, so I can help you live yours.

I love to laugh, I feel that humor is an important part in the healing journey to a more joyful life. I believe that humor and laughter can serve as a comfort blanket in all the chaos and discomfort, plus is a great way to exercise one’s facial muscles.

 I believe in creativity, the power of desires, shifting one’s mind schema, and flexibility.

I believe in using tools that can help the women I work with reach their purpose.

I believe in the importance of finding our voices, and choosing our path. 

I believe that regarless of how chaotic life can be, one always has the choice of smiling and the option of not giving up.

I believe tons of other things :-), but this journey is not about me. I only share with the hope of inspiring you to DREAM BIG! 

Thank you for learning about me and I hope that whatever you do after you leave this page, is something to get you closer to achieving the goals you want to achieve and feeling the way you want to feel, because you can!